Important Notice:  The CD Edition of the Web Copywriting Mastery Course (the landmark course that was taught to a sold out class -- see rave reviews) is now available in limited distribution.  Read the article below and learn how you can reap the benefits of this groundbreaking program while you still can.

Click to enlarge Maria Veloso picture"So You Want a Website That Sells?"
Here are surefire strategies no one is telling you about.

by Maria Veloso, Director of Web Copywriting University

hy do some online businesses make money so easily on the Web -- while you try everything possible and get barely enough customers, sales and profits? What if there was a way you could convert 15%, 25% -- even 50% or more of your website visitors into customers, how much more money would you earn as a result?

If you could read just one article about how to turn your website into an unstoppable selling machine, this is it. I dare you to read this entire article and not change the way you sell on the Web.

"Fantastic, absolutely amazing!  Maria, your ability to take the reader on a journey while presenting a carefully scripted sales pitch is absolutely amazing -- sheer art.  The results speak for themselves ... my sales TRIPLED the very next day after I put up the web copy you wrote for my website and I've maintained at least a 200%-300% sales improvement over the previous average daily sales.  Oh, and by the way, my opt-ins have improved by 35%!" 

Jeff Staniforth, Australia's Leading Motivational Expert,

Click here to read other glowing reviews from marketing greats like Jay Conrad Levinson, Mark Joyner, Joe Sugarman and more.

If you are ... (Check which one applies to you.)

a Website Owner or Webmaster
an Internet Marketer/Entrepreneur
a Writer or Copywriter
a Professional who approves, plans and executes Internet marketing campaigns
(Marketing or Advertising VPs/Managers/Directors, and MIS managers)

... you are about to learn the most often overlooked truth about how to create a profitable website.

If you've ever wondered what the single most important skill is in Internet business, that when mastered, would single-handedly account for more sales than any other skill, I would tell you, without a doubt -- it's the ability to write compelling web copy. That
's because the single most important ingredient of any commercial website is....
web copy that sells.

Listen closely. You could spend a bundle putting up a stunning website, submitting it to all the search engines, and promoting it like crazy -- but all the website traffic in the world isn't going to do you much good if your web visitors click away because your web copy isn't compelling enough to make them stay, let alone, buy what you're selling.

In the next 5 minutes, I'll show you how to easily master the skill of web copywriting, achieve a double-digit conversion ratio for your website, and reap immeasurable financial rewards in all your online selling efforts.

Here are just a few things you'll learn from reading this article:

  • Why 99.9% of websites are missing the mark -- how they violate hidden rules of conduct when communicating their marketing message to the Internet buying public -- and consequently fail to gain customers, sales and profits

  • Why copywriting principles that work well for the brick-and-mortar world (e.g., direct marketing) do not necessarily apply to the Web -- and why they can even kill your sales on the Internet
  • How to dramatically boost your website's conversion ratio -- and turn more of your web visitors into customers using a simple copywriting model that is proven to work on the Web
  • How to get dramatically more sales that go far beyond the boundaries of your website -- why real selling actually centers around your marketing communications (e-mails to your prospects/customers that sizzle, attention-grabbing ad copy, irresistible free reports, newsletters/ezines, autoresponder messages) -- and how to craft them for maximum sales

There is a science to writing compelling web copy (as well as creating e-mail and marketing communications). And there are certain immutable laws which govern the creation of online sales. Once these laws are followed, anyone can achieve commercial success on the Internet -- with mathematical certainty.

This is an incredible opportunity that is available to you -- but only if you take the first step. Your first step is to read this article in its entirety. Please don't just skim through it -- I don't want you to miss a single word because when I demystify web copywriting for you, you simply cannot fail to create the sales and profits you want on the Web.

"Maria Veloso is certainly a world-class copywriter. When it comes to direct-response web copy, she is -- hands-down -- the best. She wrote the web copy for my Boot Camp, and all I could say was -- Wow! Fabulous! Amazing! Sign me up!"

-- Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the world's best-selling series of business books titled Guerrilla Marketing

The True Currency of the Web

You've heard it said before. Words are the underlying currency of today's business world. Words wield power that controls the entire planet -- and words have the power to influence people, alter beliefs, and even shape the destiny of the world.

Therefore, wordsmiths (skillful writers) are the real "power behind the throne," so to speak. In the brick-and-mortar world, the most prominent wordsmiths are the speechwriters, journalists, spin doctors, screenwriters, novelists, advertising copywriters, and the like.

On the Internet, the most powerful wordsmiths are skilled web copywriters. They are the ones who get people to
click, sign up, read, register, order, subscribe, or take action that eventually leads to sales.

Since they are the driving force of Web business, is it any wonder that expert web copywriters earn some of the highest incomes -- and that Internet entrepreneurs who have the ability to write powerful web copy are among the privileged few who generate serious money on the Web?

Why There is a Scarcity of Skilled Web Copywriters

One would think that because so many books have been written on the subject of copywriting, the Internet must be crawling with outstanding web copywriters. This simply isn't true. While there are so many talented copywriters who can write for the offline world, there exists only a small handful of skilled web copywriters who can write effectively for the online world.

MYTH: A copywriter who can write compelling copy for the brick-and-mortar world (e.g., direct marketing), is also proficient at writing web copy. Wrong!

Just because someone is a skilled writer for the offline markets doesn't mean his writing skills automatically translate into effective web copywriting. Here's a real shocker: Some of the best copywriters for the offline markets are not adept at all in writing effective copy for the Web. That's because the copywriting principles that work offline (direct mail, print advertising, radio/TV, etc.) don't necessarily work on the Web. In fact, oftentimes writing in the style of offline copywriters is actually counterproductive to online sales.

What most people don't realize is that the Web has a culture all its own. It has its own mindset, its own psychology -- even it's own language, so to speak.

Therefore, slapping a sales letter on your website (even one that has worked well in direct mail) won't do the trick. Simply "repackaging" your offline marketing materials and brochures for your website won't do you much good on the Web either.

"Did you know that compelling ad copy on your website can actually kill your sales?"

Why? Because people online do not want to get sold. This is a proven fact documented by a recent study conducted by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen. If web visitors ever do get "sold" on something, they first want to be finessed -- not bombarded by blatant advertising.

Therefore, writing web copy that sells requires some adroit maneuvering.

If you sell a weight loss product, and have a website headline that says something like...

"At Last -- You Can Wash Away Years of Built-Up Fat"

...the web visitor's "radar" picks up on the commercial nature of the message, and immediately knows you're going to try to sell him something. His defenses go way up.

And since your headline has an obvious commercial message, whatever you say in the rest of your copy would be suspect -- and not believable -- because you positioned yourself as a merchant instead of an information provider.

The ironic thing is that the above headline may work quite well in direct mail -- but not on the Internet.

Secrets of a Web Copywriting Specialist

My name is Maria Veloso. I started my copywriting career in 1977 when I worked as an Advertising Copywriter for a subsidiary of the famed Ogilvy and Mather. Over the past 2 decades, I've covered a full range of projects involving copywriting and direct response marketing.

In 1996, I entered the Internet marketing arena, and learned quickly that the Internet is infinitely different from other media. So although I already had a wealth of copywriting education from such million-dollar copywriting luminaries as David Ogilvy, Robert Collier, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman and Eugene Schwartz -- and masters of persuasion like Robert Cialdini -- I literally had to unlearn most of the things I already knew -- and I was forced to become a student again in order to write effective copy specifically for the Web.

"Maria Veloso was one of my best copywriting students ever. When she submitted a 6-page sales letter that pulled in $18,000 in 2 days, I was convinced she was a killer copywriter."

-- Mark Joyner, CEO of, and widely recognized as the 'Tiger Woods of Internet Marketing'

From 1996 to 1999, I voraciously pursued the craft of web copywriting. Then, in the year 2000, I was hired as the Lead Web Copywriter, and later Director of Creative Web Writing, at Aesop Marketing Corporation (spearheaded by Mark Joyner, who is one of the pioneers and leading experts of Internet Marketing).

At the end of 2001, I was convinced that my web copywriting education was finally complete because I possessed hands-on experience in a wide spectrum of copy-related disciplines, including scientific marketing, ad tracking and testing, writing effective online marketing communications, etc.

As a result, I had come to know exactly what works and what doesn't work on the Internet -- and had personally developed my own unique model of web copywriting that has been proven to sell on the Internet.

In October 2001, I started freelancing as a Web Copywriter and within 3 months, I had more web copywriting projects than I could handle. Ten months after I started freelancing, I had already raised my rate 4 times -- to $300 per hour -- and even at that rate, I still had to turn away clients because I had more work than I could manage. Before long, I realized I had became one of the most sought-after web copywriters and web traffic conversion specialists in the industry.

I don't tell you this to brag, but to point to the fact that web copywriting skills are in such great demand, especially among direct marketing websites (i.e., those that have a product or service to sell). These are the websites that depend on powerful web copy for their very survival. Your website falls under the direct marketing category -- or you wouldn't be reading this!  As you read on, you'll begin to understand why there's really no mystery to writing web copy that can turn your website into an endless income stream.

"Maria Veloso's copy is hypnotic and irresistible simply because she does her homework and knows her target markets better than anyone else. No wonder she outpulls other copywriters time after time. Maria is definitely one of the best-kept copywriting secrets on the Net. If you can afford her, hire her!"

-- Alex Mandossian, Managing Director, Heritage Publishing House and publisher of Market with Postcards (tm) and The Marketing Minute E-Gram (tm)

Click here to read more glowing reviews.

Recently, a successful Internet marketing friend of mine, who had a mailing list of close to 100,000 Internet entrepreneurs, offered to endorse my web copywriting services to his list, and I said, "Gee, thanks -- but no thanks! I've got too many clients as it is. In fact, I have enough clients waiting in line to last a lifetime."

That's when it hit me, and I said, "Wow! That's a great problem to have!" It was then that I started toying with the idea of teaching my unique model of web copywriting (which I've trademarked Web Copy That Sells™) to others. I was convinced that the proprietary knowledge I've acquired over the years is far more valuable to the Internet community than I could possibly imagine.

So here's what I did: I conducted a survey of Internet entrepreneurs, and within 5 days, 92% of those who responded said, "Yes!" they'd be interested in paying a reasonable tuition fee to learn how to write powerful web copy if a web copywriting expert would give them easy, step-by-step techniques.

That did it!

"When it comes to writing the words on your website that make people pull out their credit cards and buy whatever you're selling, Maria Veloso is an absolute genius.  But what's truly amazing is her singular skill in simplifying the craft of writing 'web copy that sells' into a discipline that's both learnable and infinitely easy." 

Right after I took Maria's Web Copywriting Mastery Course, my income jumped 250% to an average of $2,000 a week, partly as a result of my newfound web copywriting skills and partly because I put into practice the marketing strategies Maria taught.  I'm convinced I'll break the 6-figure mark this year. 

-- Thomas Myer, Freelance Technical Copywriter,

The Birth of Web Copywriting University

You can say that I started Web Copywriting University as a solution to the scarcity of skilled web copywriters. There simply are too many direct marketing websites needing professional web copy written -- and only a small handful of expert web copywriters to do the work.

Even if one could find and afford good web copywriters (who charge a median hourly rate of $125/hour, and a high end of $235/hour, according to the Web Price Index Rate Card published by B to B Magazine), chances are, they'd be too busy to take on your project. Therefore, I wanted to provide a solution for the hundreds of thousands of website owners, Webmasters and marketing professionals who have a direct marketing website -- a solution that would enable them to easily write the web copy themselves.

And that's how Web Copywriting University came into existence.

I condensed all the persuasive copywriting techniques that have taken me a lifetime to acquire into ...

... the Web Copywriting Mastery Course -- a one-of-a-kind program with a 12-hour curriculum spread out over 6 weeks of tele-classes.

The Web Copywriting Mastery Course consists of a huge bank vault of trade secrets -- most of which no other copywriter in existence knows, and most of which you won't find in any book or course that's presently being taught.  I've held these trade secrets so close to the chest that I've almost forgotten their immense value.  

The First Web Copywriting Mastery Course Was Completely Sold Out!

So I finally spilled my guts and revealed all in my first-ever Web Copywriting Mastery Course that I taught from October 17 through November 21.  The course was limited to only 50 students, and needless to say, the course was completely sold out in record speed!  Fifty students paid $997 apiece to attend my course -- and I literally had to turn away all others who tried to enroll after the class had already reached maximum attendance.  (Click here to read rave reviews of course graduates).  

Here are just a few of the juiciest secrets I revealed in the course (I'll tell you later how *you* can get your hands on the CD edition at a small fraction of the course tuition):

  • The incredible Formula for Measuring the Selling Quotient of a Website  -- This proprietary formula, which I invented, has been one of the most celebrated highlights of the course, and has been called the "killer app of web copywriting."  It not only enables you to accurately grade the selling ability of any web copy, but also has a built-in checklist that can help you easily get your web copy to its maximum selling potential

  • Common copywriting principles that work well in direct marketing and offline markets -- but fail miserably on the Web. Countless marketers and copywriters are making these deadly mistakes everyday -- and don't even know that they're killing sales in the process

  • How to write marketing communications (such as e-mails to your prospects/customers that sizzle, attention-grabbing ad copy, irresistible free reports, newsletters/ezines, autoresponder messages, etc.) in a way that dramatically boosts your website sales. Having big, fat mailing lists won't make you any money until you learn this!

  • How to write 19 words of web copy (or less) each morning, take the rest of the day off, and come away with a guaranteed monthly income for the next 5 years. This is a strategy that I developed -- complete with the free software that will enable you to do it easily. This alone is worth more than the entire tuition.

  • How to take lackluster web copy (poor visitor-to-sales conversion ratio), apply a few psychological tactics, and make the website a "perpetual money machine." If you offer to do this for other people's websites, you'll have more clients throwing money at you than you can imagine.

  • The million-dollar blueprint for writing web copy that sells -- just ask 5 simple questions, and when you get the answers, your web copy will virtually write itself! You'll never have writer's block -- or stare at a blank screen -- ever again! (Don't laugh -- but my brain was doing cartwheels and backflips when I first discovered this blueprint months ago! This will slash 80% off your copywriting time.)

  • I showcase my best-performing (and critically-acclaimed) websites, and dissect them paragraph-by-paragraph -- revealing every device, trick and strategy that goes into creating a winning website for yourself.

  • How to use clever, but innocent-looking devices in the first 100 words of your copy that instantly get your readers "caught in the web" of your sales process -- and become willing buyers of whatever you're selling

  • There is a word that is commonly used in almost all online copy I've ever read, that if you simply replaced it with another word, will account for a significantly higher conversion of web visitors to customers. Simply search for all instances of this word in your copy, and replace it with the word I'm going to give you -- and voila! Sit back and watch your website's sales soar.

  • Why you should never model your web copy on successful websites indiscriminately -- you run the risk of modeling mediocre elements, and missing the undetectable ones that really matter. I'll show you the underlying principles of powerful web copy that you must model so that your copy will produce results consistently.

  • How to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) strategically to maximize the persuasiveness of your web copy and all your marketing communications. I'll teach you the sneaky way to use NLP to "fly beneath the radar" of your readers' perception -- without making your copy appear clunky, contrived and verbose (as NLP tends to be).

  • How to activate your prospect’s buying mode by using secret codes in your copy that cause the prospect to buy without any resistance.

  • How to find the most riveting (and often overlooked) angles that make information-overloaded Web surfers stop dead in their tracks and read every word of your copy

  • How to craft and write copy for upsells, cross-sells -- and even downsells (recovery) -- that multiply your sales exponentially. I'll even show you exactly how to enter into lucrative joint ventures with others on the basis of this skill alone. This is quite literally a goldmine that I've never divulged before.

  • How to write mouth-watering "bullet points" that get your prospects' hearts beating faster, and amplify their desire for your product or service. This technique is so powerful that your prospects will literally feel guilty and deprived if they don't buy whatever you're selling

  • The exact wording you must use in your ezines, newsletters and other e-mail communications so that people will look forward with anticipation to your next e-mail -- and tear it open when they do receive it.

  • What you should do if the web copy you've written is not generating as much sales as you expected. This is the absolute best way to inject "selling octane" into weak web copy. It's absolutely fool-proof!

  • Learn the little-known, seemingly innocent punctuation marks and secret formatting devices and simple language refinements that convert more prospects into customers by as much as 30%, 40% -- even 50% or more. If you don't know how to do these easy things -- you are definitely leaving a lot of money on the table.

  • The top 5 words you must avoid using in your web copy. When you use these words, you will eliminate all chances of ever making a sale.

  • How to write the all-important subject line of your e-mail so that your recipients will read it now -- instead of reading it later, or even (gulp!) deleting your e-mail altogether without even reading it.

  • How to never run out of hot web copywriting ideas -- there's even free software that will make your research process a breeze, and help you "flesh out" your copy in minimum time

  • What is the most important objective in e-mail marketing? You gotta get your e-mail delivered. This may sound obvious, but when you write your e-mails in a certain style or use certain words, e-mail servers that use sophisticated filters may identify your message as spam, and block your e-mail from getting delivered. Learn how to write properly so that this will never happen to you.

  • How to scour the web looking for great (but poorly marketed) products, use your web copywriting skills to market them better, and negotiate lucrative deals that pay you handsome residuals

  • How to craft text links that are engaging -- and highly clickable. Here, I reveal some of my jealously-guarded devices, and I'm swearing you to secrecy on these.

  • How to use your web copywriting skills to enter into lucrative joint ventures with Internet entrepreneurs that will pay you dividends on your work for many years to come

  • The top 3 rules of writing compelling, irresistible web copy. If you do nothing else but follow these 3 rules -- you'll dramatically boost the profitability of any website

So you see, I condensed everything I've learned about web copywriting over the last 6 years (not to mention 19 years of traditional copywriting) into 12 hours of pure, unadulterated substance. Quite frankly, there isn't a course out there that's as comprehensive as this -- at any price -- that can propel any website to record earnings in 6 weeks.

"$40,837 in 2 Days!"

"Maria, thank you for the valuable information that you've provided in your course, which I've recently put to good use.   I used the principles you taught in the course to write the copy for our new product, AdWords Dominator, which we launched on November 21.   In just 2 days, we racked up $40,837 in sales!  You're definitely teaching something right there.  What's more, I was able to write the copy in one 3-hour sitting, the day before launch because you've made it so easy!" –
Chris Lee,

Click here to read other rave reviews from course graduates.

Learn Web Copywriting at the Pace You Choose -- and at a fraction of the cost!

By popular demand, I've devised a way for you to benefit from my Web Copywriting Mastery Course in the most convenient way.  I've produced the Home Study CD Edition of the course so that...

  • you can learn at your own pace;

  • you need not spend on long-distance phone charges to attend the 12 hours of live tele-classes; and

  • you need not pay the full course tuition 

...but still get the benefits of the entire curriculum.

Yes, the information you’ll find in the Home Study CD Program is the exact same material I taught in my Web Copywriting Mastery Course, for which 50 people paid $997 apiece, and which took 6 weeks to complete.  Now, you can have the same high-octane web copywriting lessons recorded in 12 hour-long CDs that you can listen to at your convenience.

Here's What You Won't Be Getting

Now that you've seen what you'll be getting from Home Study CD Program, here's what you won't be getting:

  • You won't learn concepts that are untested and unproven. Everything I give you is scientifically proven to produce results -- that is, more leads, more customers, more sales, and more profits.

  • You won't learn how to write hype. I come from the rapidly vanishing, endangered species that tells the truth in marketing. Instead, you'll learn how to write persuasive and powerful web copy that is credible, sophisticated, and sales-producing.

  • You won't get rehashed, recycled, or regurgitated copywriting lessons that everyone has proliferated on the Web. What you'll get are ingenious, innovative, and effective tactics that most people -- not even famous copywriters -- know about.

How Much is All This Worth to You?

Back in 1996 when I first entered the Internet marketing arena, if someone had offered me this Web Copywriting Mastery Course, I would have been willing to pay $5,000, $7,000 -- even $10,000 to learn the craft that would make me a 6-figure income per year. I'd have gladly paid that much instead of going through 6 years of trial and error, and earning less income than I deserved.

How about you?  How much is all this worth to you?  What is the value of learning a unique model of writing web copy that can earn you $100,000 or more, whether you're a writer or an Internet entrepreneur?  What is it worth to learn web copywriting tactics and strategies that no one knows about -- but are fiercely powerful?  What is the value of learning the single most important sales-producing Internet skill from a specialist who knows what works and doesn't work on the Internet?

"If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -- Benjamin Franklin

As I mentioned earlier, my hourly rate is $300 an hour. So if you were to quantify the amount of instruction that you'll receive from me (12 hours of tele-classes), you are getting $3,600 worth of instruction.  I'm sure you realize that even at the full course tuition of $997, the Web Copywriting Mastery Course is worth every cent for all the sales you could generate as a result.

But the good news is that you don't have to pay $997 for the Home Study CD Edition of the course.  Your price is only $297 -- that's a savings of $700 to you -- a 70% discount off the course tuition fee.  

Here's even better news:  If you reserve your copy of the Home Study CD Edition of the course no later than , you'll also receive the following free gift

  • 2 Bonus CDS containing a 90-minute Tele-Seminar I did with Joel Christopher (Master List Builder and best-selling author) featuring the hot topic of e-mail marketing entitled, "How to Turn Your Mailing List Into Money."  This tele-seminar was a well-attended tele-seminar (with close to 300 people in attendance), and  has been referred to as "the best and most informative tele-seminar on the subject of e-mail marketing"  by George Callens of Professional Internet Marketer.

Please understand that you'll receive the free gift described above only if you reserve your copy of the Home Study CD Edition of the course on or before .  So reserve your copy now, and we'll rush you the home study course within 48 hours.  We'll even pay for all shipping and handling charges.

"Until I took this course, I never understood the insider secrets that can turn even the most skeptical prospect into an eager buyer.  Now I have a supercharged arsenal of copy writing strategies that allows me to quickly write not only web copy, but also e-mails, ads, and reports ... a complete internet copy writing toolkit!

The information in the Web Copywriting Mastery Course will easily make me thousands of dollars over the coming year. I would have gladly paid 3, 4, even 5 times what she charged to have this invaluable 
(Click here to read the entire amazing text of this testimonial and other rave reviews.)

-- Preston Campbell, Principal Consultant, Profit Zone Marketing 

Now Comes the Tricky Part...

As you sit there reading this, I know that you're thinking about all the ways you can use the money you will earn as a result of acquiring the Home Study CD Edition of my Web Copywriting Mastery Course.  However, I want to warn you that I cannot guarantee you will get a copy, even if you wanted to.  That's because only 150 copies have been produced

By the time you decide to secure your copy of the CD program, I am not certain how many copies would have already been sold, or whether there will be any copies left.

I would feel absolutely terrible if you respond too late -- after all 150 copies are gone for good.  I regret to say that we will not be producing additional CD programs in the future.  


Well, quite frankly, I don't wish to compromise the enrollment figures for the upcoming semesters of my Web Copywriting Mastery Course.  Let me put it this way:  If everyone bought the CD program, there'd be no one left to enroll in the future live tele-classes of my Web Copywriting Mastery Course, would there?. 

So I urge you to secure your copy of the Home Study CD Edition of my course before you miss out on your only opportunity.

You Risk Absolutely Nothing

The Home Study CD Edition of my Web Copywriting Mastery Course is 100% guaranteed to be the most income-producing business investment you've ever made -- or your money back.  The guarantee is simple -- you assume zero risk.

"Maria, to say that you're an UNBELIEVABLE teacher for
writing amazing web copy, is an understatement. I would
have to say you're the world's best online copywriter to
date. You have definitely revolutionized the proper
techniques for writing web copy that sells

Your course is absolutely the most astonishing, and easy-to-follow guide for any business owner who wants to take their business 10 steps forward, and start making a name for themselves in the online world. 
(Click here to read the entire amazing text of this testimonial and other rave reviews.)

-- Carlos Garcia, Publisher, Wealthy Secrets Newsletter, London, Ontario, Canada

Click here to read other rave reviews from course graduates.

Here's the deal:  Go ahead and preview the Home Study CD Edition of the  course in its entirety (that's 12 information-packed hours!) without risking a single dime.  If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied -- I will be happy to refund every penny of your purchase.

Just return the 12 CDs within 30 days, and ask for a no-hassle refund.  No explanation is necessary. You are under absolutely no obligation to keep the course if you're not 100% satisfied.

You Can Expect Immediate Results

Remember:  After you finish listening to the CD edition of my Web Copywriting Mastery Course, you can immediately implement the proven copywriting model you've learned, and start converting the maximum number of web visitors into customers, and consequently, sales.

The fact that you've read this far (5,064 words in 10 full pages, to be exact) is proof positive that my web copy is absolutely compelling, isn't it?

The average web visitor reads an average of only 150 words on a webpage before clicking away. I've used all my web copywriting skills to get you to this point -- and these are the very same web copywriting skills you will learn from the CD program  so that you, too, will have irresistible web copywriting skills.

When you decide that you want to own the Home Study CD Edition of my Web Copywriting Mastery Course, please don't delay.  As I mentioned earlier, only 150 copies will be distributed to the public.  

Please don't confuse my Web Copywriting Mastery Course with other copywriting courses. This is a leading-edge course not available anywhere else, that enables you to have your own web copywriting business or write professional web copy for your own websites. And my course lets you do it in the shortest possible time.

NOTE: If you're an Internet entrepreneur or aspiring web copywriter who has little or no knowledge of basic copywriting principles, I've created a copywriting primer that you can read before you start listening to the CDs of the course. This primer will get you up to speed with generally accepted rules of copywriting -- and enable you to understand the concepts that I teach in the course.

Don't miss out on this offer that will never be repeated.  Lock in your position now before it's too late. I expect this CD program to sell out as fast as the live Web Copywriting Mastery Course did last Fall.

Wishing you prosperity and success,

Maria Veloso
Director, Web Copywriting University
and Author of "Web Copy That Sells: The Secret to Creating a Profitable Website"

P.S. Click here to read 25 more reasons why getting your hands on the Home Study CD Edition of my Web Copywriting Mastery course may be the most income-producing investment you'll make all year.

P.P.S.  As a Home Study CD Program student, you have the option to become certified as a Master of Web Copywriting, provided you turn in all the assignments,  meet all the requirements of the course, and pay a reasonable review fee.  Here are just 2 ways you can turn your certification into incredible income:

  • You can use your credentials to confidently enter into lucrative joint venture deals with online businesses that have outstanding (but poorly marketed) products or services. Using your web copywriting skills, you can easily figure out how to articulate their offer, and cut a deal with the website owner wherein you receive a percentage of the additional sales that your web copy generates.

  • You can leverage your web copywriting expertise into a lucrative career as a professional web copywriter -- charging $125 to $235 per hour or more. Your certification will give you impressive credentials that will establish your credibility with your prospects, particularly while you're starting out and you don't have copywriting samples to show. Your Web Copywriting University certification will also lend you the authority you need to land your first few jobs.

Send Me The Home Study Course Now!


Returns Policy - All materials must be returned in their original condition to receive credit or refund.  The value of missing or damaged materials will be deducted at the time the credit is issued.  Returns received after thirty (30) days from the original date of purchase will not be accepted, nor will they receive credit or refund.  All returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee and a deduction of shipping costs.

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